Alencon expands U.S. optimizer manufacturing capability

Alencon Systems is pleased to announce the completion of a significant expansion of its state-of-the-art manufacturing and research and development headquarters in the Philadelphia suburbs. The expansion will coincide with a doubling of the company’s workforce in 2021, with many of the new hires moving into the company’s manufacturing department.

At this facility, Alencon exclusively manufactures its line of galvanically isolated DC:DC optimizers – the SPOT and BOSS – and related accessories, including the GARD, FEED and PODD. In addition, all engineering and R&D activities are carried out in the same building. As part of this expansion, Alencon has significantly expanded its R&D lab facilities to support the further improvement of its current products and the development of new technologies and products for alternative energy power electronics. The expansion also included a number of energy efficiency improvements, including an upgrade to more efficient lighting.

“The rapid growth of DC-based clean energy sources and loads such as solar energy, battery energy storage, electric vehicles and fuel cells has led to a rapidly increasing demand for Alencon’s DC:DC converter products,” said Hanan Fishman, president of Alencon systems. “Alencon is one of the few alternative energy hardware suppliers that manufactures its products here in the US”

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