Appellate courts’ construction now at roofing stage

KAMPALA – The ongoing construction of the courts of appeal is steadily taking shape and the Supreme Court is now in the roofing phase.

By the end of this month, the Supreme Court roofing will have started roofing and the works will be carried out to complete the wall plate of the last floor of the Court of Appeal building.

Speaking about the progress of the construction of the Court of Appeal buildings, the permanent secretary/secretary of the judiciary, Mr. Pius Bigirimana, said the work is on track.

“Construction is going very well and the work on the Supreme Court has reached the roofing level, the final stage of construction. For the Court of Appeal, the works have reached the seventh floor.”

Separation and plastering work is underway in both buildings to ensure that no time is lost during the construction of the courthouses.

The Commissioner, Engineering and Technical Services, Dr. Spooky. Christopher Ebal noted, “For the Supreme Court, we’ve done the division up to the seventh floor, and the Court of Appeals, we’re now at the fourth level.”

The ongoing construction work has become a knowledge center and benchmark for many stakeholders.

This is a statement that makes the accounting officer of the Judiciary beam with pride. “Everyone wants to see how we do our work.” Adding that this is a first in the history of government projects.

Billed at Shs63.9 billion, the Twin Towers consist of a parking garage for 226 vehicles and eight floors of modern administrative office space. It has, among other things, rooms for the judges, courtrooms, a restaurant and a gym.

Mr. Bigirimana expressed his gratitude to the government for ensuring timely payments for the construction of the courts of appeal.

“Now our goal is that the date for the start of construction of the courts of appeal (December) is the date to come in,” the PS/SJ said.

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