Beatrice pilots back in Nebraska after dropping supplies to Hurricane Ida victims in Louisiana

LINCOLN, Nebraska (KOLN) – A pair of Beatrice pilots are now back in Nebraska after flying nearly 5,000 pounds of supplies to the victims of Hurricane Ida in Louisiana on Saturday.

Anthony Chisano and Corina Lottman called it an “eye awakening experience,” after visiting some of the hardest hit areas in southern parts of the state.

“Certainly, a lot of things have been completely wiped out there. The things that we thought still had roofs were really just sails that people had attached to the roofs,” Chisano said.

They said the affected people expressed their gratitude to Nebraskans for donating and delivering essentials such as water, food and first aid supplies.

“Just seeing that they were completely cut off from the outside, they really relied on the supplies we brought in and those other pilots brought in,” Lottman said.

These pilots were also able to fly to Texas and get extra supplies from people there and bring them back to Louisiana on Saturday night.

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