Businessman helps residents who lost roofs build back

A prominent North Oropouche businessman, Sangre Grande, has assured five of his fellow villagers who lost their roofs in Friday’s thunderstorm that he will help them replace it.

Danny Guerra, director of DG Homes visited them on Friday and not only promised, but immediately sent a crew from his company to work on one of the houses.

Guerra told Guardian Media that he grew up in North Oropouche among the villagers, who he recalled were very kind to his parents and particularly interested in his development when the going was tough. He said he felt this was the time to give back to his community in need.

Guerra currently builds and sells houses in Sangre Grande. He is sure that most affected homeowners who have children and babies will not be able to have their roofs repaired as most of them have lost their jobs due to the COVID 19 pandemic.

DG Homes employees load material to work on the damaged roof.

DG Homes employees load material to work on the damaged roof.


According to the businessman, he knew from experience that politicians come to visit and make people believe that they will help, and when help comes, it takes a very long time or not at all. Politicians tend to make promises that usually don’t come true, he emphasized.

To show that he keeps his promise, one of the Suchits’ houses is nearing completion. His company’s employees work at a high pace.

Some of the affected villagers who have lost their roofs include Ramsumair Dookhantee, who has a family of six and happens to be his only closest neighbour; Riana Singh, a mother of one baby; Alisha Suchit and her seven relatives; the 12-member Seebaran family; and Sandy Pemberton, the mother of two babies.

Most of these families are currently staying with their relatives and neighbors.

With the reopening of the schools, Guerra said he will bolster his workforce so that affected families can return to their homes. The families thanked Guerra for his kind gesture.

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