Colony approves 2021-2022 budget

October 5 — COLONY — The Colony City Council approved an annual budget of $160,490 at a special meeting called Monday night.

The budget forecasts a slight increase from last year’s actual revenue of $153,334 and foresees a surplus of approximately $5,600 at the end of the fiscal year, which is September 30, 2022.

Councilor Michael Johnson said he added $10,000 for roads and drainage. The largest expenses are in salaries, accounting and auditing services and insurance.

He said he also increased the Parks and Recreation Department’s budget to $8,500, expecting “As Jasmine” [Cole] activities and engagement with the community and surrounding communities, we will recoup some of that cost.”

The council also unanimously accepted Fleming Roofing’s offer for Colony’s sports roof.

The City will pay Fleming 25% of the materials cost upon delivery and $19,500 for the roof over the existing roof on the flat portion of the building.

The second half of the project — laying roofing over the rest of the gym’s roof — will be done at a later date for another $19,500.

Johnson said he recommended doing it in two parts so as not to burden the city’s finances. “I don’t see how we’re using so much of the city’s money when it puts such a strain on our finances,” he said.

A $12,000 grant for economic development from Cullman County helps pay for the roof project.

The council also approved a bid from Apel Steele to replace a bar in the gym for $2,100.

The city council closed the meeting with a board meeting to discuss general reputation and the threat of lawsuits.

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