Commissioners act on Expo Center, courthouse upgrades

Oct. 5 – Pittsburg County Commissioners this week implemented plans for upgrades to the Expo Center in McAlester and the county courthouse.

The commissioners passed a resolution to advertise roof repairs at the Expo Center, which will also include a preparatory meeting for commercial roofing companies interested in the project.

Commissioners learned Monday from Josh Rhodes, who is a territory manager for the Garland Company. Rhodes has been involved in determining options that commissioners might consider for the roofs, including one package with a 10-year warranty and another with a 30-year warranty.

The commissioners plan to request bids for both packages, with the idea of ​​choosing what they think is the best option.

There will be a pre-project meeting at the Expo Center on October 14 at 2pm, where contractors will learn everything it takes to get the job done. Rhodes said he is sure of seven contractors who will be at the meeting. He later said those seven contractors are the only seven commercial roofers in the state not using subcontractors for a job of that magnitude.

Both the Expo Center and the Pittsburg County Courthouse have experienced roof leaks during rain showers. District 2 Commissioner Kevin Smith said commissioners are interested in roof upgrades for both facilities.

On another Expo Center-related issue, Commissioners from Commercial Solutions Leader Jason Davey, of Trane Technologies, heard about discussion and possible action regarding a letter of intent to provide a mechanical, electrical and plumbing schematic design for the HVAC (heating, ventilation and air) to complete. conditioning) systems at the Expo Center and the Pittsburg County Courthouse.

Smith said he would like more information before voting on whether or not to accept the letter of intent. He noted that the schedule should provide information to the commissioners to hire an engineer for the projects.

He said he wanted to get more than one estimate of the cost of engineering the proposed projects. Smith said the commissioners were under no obligation to get bids because engineers fall under “professional services.” Still, he wanted to get several quotes before making a decision.

While Davey was willing to go ahead, Smith said he’s reached out to two other companies regarding potential engineering firms for the HVAC systems at the Expo Center and the courthouse, and he’s waiting to hear what they have to say.

Some courthouse employees have gotten too hot in one part of the building, while other parts are so cool “you could hang meat in it,” Smith said. He wants information about the cause of the differences so that they can be addressed.

Smith said there is an obvious problem with airflow in the courthouse and the commissioners want it resolved, adding that he doesn’t want to add any new HVAC units to the courthouse and then find out there is still a problem.

Also, commissioners are still considering using U.S. bailout resources to complete air conditioning throughout the Expo Center, as well as resolve HVAC-related issues in areas of the facility that already have air conditioning, but have various issues.

The commissioners voted to drop the point related to the proposed letter of intent until they can get more information from other companies about potential costs for engineering and creating schematic designs for the proposed project.

Davey indicated he will return when the case is re-heard, which could be as early as next week.

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