Company looks to help someone with free roof repair

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) – “A couple bought a house that had been standing idle for 10 years and they tried to remodel it, but the derecho came through,” said Kativa Weitzel, Young Construction Marketing Manager.

“Their roof was leaking and they needed more than you can imagine,” said Dan Young, owner of Young Construction.

Young said they received hundreds of these pleas as part of their Roof Rescue program. People submit their story to the company where they get a free roof.

“If you hear the stories of roof leaks or shingles blowing away, this can be a dangerous situation,” Weitzel said.

The roofing company opened an office in Cedar Rapids just before the Aug. 10 derecho and saw the need firsthand. It was their way of giving back to this hard-hit community when they added Cedar Rapids to the program with Waverly and Mason City.

“People were trapped in their homes for an entire year, and in the Cedar Rapids area, it may have been an unsafe environment,” Kativa said.

That struggle to get back on his feet wasn’t new to Young. He said every entrepreneur goes through it when they start. After being there for nearly 20 years, he said it was time to give back to the communities that helped him along the way.

“When I started this, I had nothing but a car,” said Young. “I was handing out flyers in supermarkets and I remember starting that way.”

They had about 10 entries as of Wednesday and people had until Friday to submit their applications. A happy family gets a new roof, something Young and Weitzel said was the least they could do to help.

“We see tarpaulins on the roof, still stains on the roof and people saying please help, but we don’t know what to do now. It was a sign that we need to be here, and we need to fill the gaps for this community,” Weitzel said.

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