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By Doug Creamer

It seems as if we have been fighting water problems at home for several weeks. First, we had an underground leak. We fixed that and fixed the ground and thought all our troubles were over. Then our water pressure dropped. Fearing another leak, I checked everything I could to find out what was going on.

Fortunately, we know a retired plumber who was kind enough to help us. After confirming it wasn’t a leak, he used all his knowledge to figure out where our problem was occurring. Plumbing is a methodical, step-by-step process. We worked on one part and confirmed it was working properly. We solved one problem thinking we figured out our problem but found the problem still existed.

My retired plumber was persistent. We had to do some extra work to determine the cause of my problem. When he showed me what caused my problem I couldn’t believe it. We put everything back together and finally we heard the sound we had been listening to … water running through the pipes. You have never seen two happier guys. My wife and I are so grateful that he persisted until he finally got it. It’s so nice to have free flowing water again!

I saw the same concept in church these last Saturdays. We had several workdays to do the spring cleaning and a list of other projects that needed attention at our facility. When it comes to working near the church, I prefer to work outside. I love tidying up the flower bed, planting the spring flowers and laying out the pine needles. A number of branches are also cut from trees and blowers are used to clear the parking lots with loose dirt. Some of the other guys cleaned the gutters, used the pressure washer to clean the building and sidewalks, and sprayed all the weeds.

A lot of work was also done inside. There were people cleaning cupboards; yes, churches also collect junk. The kitchen, fridge and freezer needed attention. Light bulbs were replaced throughout the building. Wow, did that make a difference.

Others cleaned the children’s rooms. We are preparing to start a children’s church again and the things it takes to get it right. We had some of our gifted carpenters create a great classroom for our older kids. Then there were those who can paint that created dynamic and exciting classroom art.

A creative genius has been released into our church. There will be some excited kids learning all about Jesus, faith and the Bible when they come to these classrooms. The children will be in an exciting environment, have fun learning and go home with a deeper love and knowledge of God’s word.

One of the things I noticed when I walked around to see what others were doing is how much talent we have in our church. I watched boys do carpentry; I don’t have those skills. I watched the painters create really cool designs on the walls of the classrooms. I can’t do that either. I saw people organize rooms; that’s not a skill that I have. I saw people cleaning and repairing things. While I could do those things, I prefer to work outside. Some of the younger boys were doing hard work that I prefer not to do at my age.

What I’m trying to point out is that each person needed their individual talents and abilities to do all the work. God needs each of us to use our talents and skills to accomplish the work of His kingdom. He needs teachers, evangelists, pastors, elders, deacons, choir members, bookkeepers and maintenance workers. He needs you to use your talents, skills and abilities in many different ways to get all of his work done. The most important thing we can all do to advance His kingdom is pray. Prayer changes everything.

I want to encourage you to sacrifice all your talents to God. Sometimes he needs your hands to clear things up. Other times he needs you as his mouth to speak words of life and give hope to the discouraged. He may need you to put your arm around someone and let them know that they are not alone. God needs you to shine your light in your corner of the world. You are his representative and he will use you in a unique way to reach people with his love. God needs every skill, including the one you have, to get all of His work done.

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