Electriq Power and SEDC Solar partner on no-cost solar + storage systems in D.C.

through the SEDC Solar program, qualifying homeowners and businesses in the Washington, DC, area can get solar panels and batteries installed with a 20-year maintenance contract at no cost. Financed through local and federal government tax incentives, the program will help lower utility costs and provide reliable backup energy to some of Washington’s most economically distressed wards, as well as other areas of the National Capital Region. The battery systems will be provided by Electriq Power.

“We’re proud to continue our efforts to expand access to reliable and affordable clean energy in communities that will be impacted by climate change,” said Michele Tihami, Chief Revenue Officer of Electriq Power. “We’re happy to have found a partner in SEDC Solar that believes the benefits of energy storage and renewable energy generation should be available to all, regardless of economic status.”

Electriq’s participation in the SEDC Solar program continues the company’s commitment to providing equitable access to energy storage. The company is currently partnering with the City of Parlier, California, a rural farming community in the state’s Central Valley, to bring low-cost solar and battery storage solutions to low-to-moderate income (LMI) households. Both programs seek to expand access to renewable energy where home solar and storage would typically be economically out of reach.

The SEDC Solar program’s benefits extend to the local community with job creation and training in technical installation and repairs, as well as roles in both sales and marketing. As an example, for every 50 homes or 12 churches, the program hires and trains one employee to ensure system efficiency, quality, and to further the program’s reach within local communities.

“SEDC Solar is a vehicle for people to Do Well and Do Good at the same time,” says Thomas Jones, Manager of SEDC Solar. “There is a true opportunity to provide equitable solutions to communities in the DC area and we’re proud to call Electriq Power a partner in this endeavor.”

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