Energy Wyze releases AI-powered solar lead generation and booking website

SinglePoint has announced that its subsidiary Energy Wyze has launched a new AI bot technology that enables full automation of appointment booking and automated lead generation. While they still have the opportunity for face-to-face interaction, interested customers no longer need to contact a representative directly to set up an appointment. This AI technology is capable of accurately collecting information and coordinating an appointment to connect each individual with the right solar energy supplier for them, regardless of their location.

“We are excited about this groundbreaking innovation; this AI technology enables our customers to maximize the efficiency of their customer data. A common problem in this industry is customer follow-up. This technology solves that problem immediately,” said Joe Hupp, EnergieWyze COO. “The user experience was a top priority in the development of the AI ​​technology and it is able to simulate a two-way conversation. Users can enter a message as if they were communicating with a human representative via SMS, Facebook Messenger and Instagram Messenger, and the AI ​​can reply in kind.”

Energy Wyze continues to develop technology that helps solar installation companies and customers alike. Linking the AI ​​technology to Energy Wyze Solar CXM provides businesses with a seamless experience to manage customer data from lead to installation. Solar CXM is a solar-specific customer relationship management (CRM) tool, similar to Salesforce. With automation features built in everywhere, the CXM users can manage their pipeline and automatically keep customers engaged throughout their solar installation process, saving time and money, ultimately increasing engagement and lowering cancellation rates.

Energy Wyze will initially start rolling out this fully automated booking feature in the Utah, Virginia, California and Connecticut markets before expanding to Colorado, Texasand eventually launched nationwide. The AI ​​bot is expected to save thousands of dollars and countless time without sacrificing accuracy, efficiency, or customer experience. Interested parties are encouraged to contact [email protected]

“The first tests have gone smoothly and we are eager to implement this program across the board. We look forward to other applications of this technology and the advances to be made in other areas,” said what Oliver, GMO or Energy wise.

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