Fall good time to ‘Raze the Roof’

With the kids back in school (or maybe back at the dinner table), the Texas heat getting ready to subside, and football season just around the corner from the end zone, it’s the perfect time to “destroy the roof.”

Before you find your dancing shoes and blow the dust off that old Beastie Boys CD, read the line again. It says rage, don’t exaggerate. Razen in our profession means dismantling and replacing. The reality of family, responsibility and home ownership just brought you back to Earth. Or at least from the roof. Take off those dancing shoes.

As a professional, local home contractor, it’s important to know about roofs. We are not a roofing company, but roofing plays an important role in many of our projects. We use roofers when we add additions or height to rooms. Roofs in the Dallas area are so abused that Mother Nature could be confused with “Mommie Dearest.”

The top of our house faces high winds, heavy rainfall, paddle ball sized hail (updated from soft balls for the current generation), blistering heat and freezing temperatures. And that could be on an average day in April.

It’s easy to take a roof for granted. Replacing a roof is expensive and not very sexy. But like most complex jobs around the house, it should be done by a local professional. Getting on top of your house is no time to learn the science of joists and shingles.

One thing you can do regularly is to keep looking up. Perform routine checks and have professional maintenance performed if necessary. Roofs should last about 20 years, but in Texas, that rule of thumb doesn’t necessarily apply.

If you do need to replace your roof, act now. It takes time to have a roofer come over and schedule time to replace your roof. Demand is high and high-quality staff is a top priority. Expect to play more and wait longer.

While it’s always the right time to replace a bad roof, act now if your roof is of the age it needs to be replaced before the ceiling begins to show the perimeter of White Rock Lake. Fall is a great time to replace a roof. The weather is better, which means employees can work more hours. In addition, the weather is usually less erratic.

Winter cold can cause new shingles to burst, and accumulated snow and ice can cause leakage. As the weather warms up in the spring, the problems are magnified. And aside from the sweltering heat in Texas in the summer, roofers are busiest in the summer because there is less rainfall, which means costs can be higher.

It is also an advantage to plan ahead for a roof replacement. It gives you more time to plan ahead. You want to clear out the attic and maybe do some fall cleaning. There’s a reason most of that stuff is in the attic and not prominently displayed.

However angelic a roofer may be given their proximity to heaven, clapboards and tar paper will get into the attic. To most roofers, siding isn’t as important as doing a good job of replacing and beautifying the top of your home. So make sure nothing – or at least nothing of value – is left in the room before your job is scheduled.

When you go into the attic, two things will probably come to mind. One is that climbing to the attic is bad enough. Why would I want to climb on the roof? And it also serves a purpose. You’ll need those Halloween decorations soon anyway, so grab them on the way down.

Replace your roof in the fall. And make sure you keep both feet on the ground.

Sardone Design-Build-Remodel is locally owned and operated. Sardone, his wife and two daughters are residents of Lake Highlands.

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