Fire Crews Clean Roofs of La Palma Homes as Air Quality Improves Amid Eruption

Firefighters inspected and cleaned the roofs of houses on La Palma in Spain’s Canary Islands on Wednesday, October 6, to prevent them from collapsing as the ash from the Cumbre Vieja volcano collected on them.

Video posted by firefighters from the neighboring island of Gran Canaria shows the firefighters working on rooftops as the volcano continues to erupt in the distance. In a Facebook post, the firefighters explained that volcanic waste weighs 80-100 kilograms (about 175-220 pounds) per square meter. The danger of the roof collapsing is even greater when it rains, they said.

The municipality of La Palma said on Wednesday that fewer earthquakes had been reported on the island compared to previous days. The air quality had improved The country reported, although it may worsen slightly in the coming days.

Nearly 422 acres (about 1.6 square miles) had been affected by lava runoff as of Wednesday, according to municipality of La Palma. Credit: Grancanaria Firefighters via Storyful

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