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OBSERVER Photo by Anthony Dolce Brocton board members, from left, including: Bryan Woleben, Mark Belcher, Art Miller, Craig Miller and Greg Borst are shown at a recent workshop meeting.

BROCTON — Repairs can be costly, as the town council discussed last month.

Mayor Art Miller discussed possible renovations to the Fire Hall’s basement, the cost of which would depend on what board members wanted to do with it. The estimate for the renovation detail was about $45,000, but if the basement is turned into a crawl space, it would be $11,000. The total for demolishing and moving, and then building a new space, is estimated at $350,000.

“To carry out the demolition, move utilities, fill the basement, level and finish the former basement, build new shops on the property, build a new office and storage space and demolish the auditorium ,” the mayor said of a proposal, “It comes in at $1,352,125. Now, the second estimate is just renovation, that was demolition. The second comes in at $738,625. So we need to understand what we want to do with that fire hall.”

One factor in what the village can do with the fire hall is whether it is a historical marker, which no one on the board can answer.

The roof covering on the gazebo in the village, the fire hall and the village hall was also discussed during the special workshop meeting, separate from the regular meetings. Miller said the fire hall had recently repaired a leak that caused some records to be lost. The lost records were stored in a closet in the facility that had been leaking for some time.

“Every time it rained, we had buckets under it”, he said. “There’s no doubt about it, we had to fix that. That’s a pretty important situation for us.”

Miller said the repair cost a total of $3,500.

Regarding the gazebo roof, Miller said he’s gotten a few quotes, one of which came from a local villager for about $12,000. Another quote came in at $10,750. Regardless of the cost, the roof of the gazebo will have to be removed and replaced.

The cost of repairing the gazebo roof is directly linked to repairing the roof of the village house as the funds allocated this year have been done under a common cost. Miller said the people who looked at the roof said it was bad there too, and the quote on the roof there is over $22,000.

“Roofs are expensive”, said Miller. “Materials are high and labor is high.”

The board said the next steps are to look at various financial support options to replace the roofs, but the priority is with the village hall. While the gazebo won’t be used much until spring, the last two winters, the village hall has apparently had problems with leaks that they want to fix before then.

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