Ford Bronco hardtops are built and shipping, along with Broncos

Ford Motor Co. will begin shipping thousands of new hardtop roofs this week to dealers waiting to replace the faulty ones on 2021 Broncos that have already been delivered, the Free Press has learned.

Also in 2021, Ford will install the new Broncos hoods that were held back then and shipped those vehicles immediately.

“Testing is complete,” Ford Bronco marketing manager Mark Grueber told the Free Press on Tuesday. “We are ramping up production of the new roof and are waiting for those units.”

Ford will contact affected customers.

Three weeks ago, Ford announced it would replace all 2021 Bronco customer and dealer hardtops after extreme water and humidity changed their appearance.

In addition, Ford kept its huge supply of undelivered vehicles in bulk as the manufacturing process evolved.

In early July, the Free Press first reported that Webasto’s hardtop problems disrupted production and delivery of a product that started with 125,000 orders.

Ford began shipping the hot new SUV from its Michigan assembly plant in Wayne in mid-June. A combination of the chip shortage, COVID-19 challenges and supply chain issues coupled with a manufacturing issue to cause a high-profile headache.

“We have started replacing the roof on the hardtop. We will continue to ramp that up to replace the roofs of vehicles currently being held that need the new roof,” Grueber told the Free Press. “We will soon start sending the new roofs to dealers for the vehicles that have already been delivered. We expect to ship the roofs and the Broncos with the new roofs within a week.”

The only delay now, he said, is the time it takes to put all Broncos who have been sitting for a while through a comprehensive inspection.

“We will also do a water test on the new roof,” Grueber said. “We’ll make sure they’re ready for sale.”

(Editor’s note: An earlier version of this story said customers should contact dealers. That is incorrect. Ford says it will contact affected customers to make arrangements to replace hardtops.)

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