Ford Is Moving Quickly On The 2021 Bronco Hardtop Replacements

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A few weeks ago, Ford very subtly announced that it was confronted quality assurance with the color cast hardtops of the Ford Bronco. The company said it would replace all Bronco hardtops, and that production of hardshell versions of the offroader would pause until the issue was resolved. We still don’t know when production will return to 100 percent, but a new story of the Detroit Free Press says current hardtop owners are about to get their replacement roofs.

To give credit where it’s due, Ford seems to be moving fast. The production of the new top is going to “step up” and tops are expected to reach dealers within a week, according to a statement issued by a company representative to the Detroit Free Press.

Once the new roofs arrive at dealerships, Ford plans to contact affected customers to “make arrangements for replacements.” From the news broadcast:

“We started by replacing the roof on the hardtop. We will continue to ramp that up to replace the roofs of vehicles currently in detention that need the new roof,” [Ford Bronco marketing manager Mark] Grueber told the Free Press. “Soon we will start sending the new roofs to the dealers for the vehicles that have already been delivered. We expect to ship the roofs and Broncos with the new roofs within a week.”

We’ve reached out to Ford to clarify how long customers can expect to wait once dealers receive their hardtops. We will update this story when we hear back.

The focus on swapping out faulty hardtops has had the unfortunate consequence of delaying new production of two- and four-door Broncos. Ford stated in August that it will produce fewer model year 2021 vehicles as a result, so some prospective owners who have made their reservations and are waiting for delivery will have to hold out a little longer.

In the meantime, those waiting for a four-door Bronco hardtop can switch to a soft top, potentially speeding up delivery. Ford will give those customers free hardtop prep kits so they can later order accessory hardtops, which the company expects to have in stock by 2023. The prep kit includes connections for the rear wiper and defroster.

The roof debacle, coupled with the ongoing shortage of semiconductors and other supply chain disruptions, has caused a bottleneck in Broncos to pass final inspection. Once Ford became aware of the problem with the color cast hardtops, it stopped many of those vehicles from waiting for replacement. Now they will hopefully trickle down to their rightful owners.

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