Getting Your Sugar Land Home Ready For Winter

Weather in Sugar Land is predicted to drop six degrees colder than average coming December, with January as the greatest chance of heavy snowfall. Damage can occur if a home is not winterized, even if the home is in an area that doesn’t get heavy snow. Rain can freeze, creating puddles of ice that eventually melt away in the sunlight, causing damage to homes and yards. Improper roofing and insulation can lead to water damage in the winter, especially during a winter storm.

Sixty percent of homeowners suffered damage from winter weather in 2019 and were still dealing with the consequences in 2020. The same 2020 survey found that winter weather caused damage to one in five homeowners. Preparing a home for winter can prevent you from becoming part of that percentage this year. Here’s how to get your home ready for the snowy months ahead.

Good roofing

Roofing keeps homes insulated and protected from all weather conditions. Cold seasons bring with them different weather patterns, including snow, sleet, and hail. According to a professional dallas roofer, consulting a roofer is a great way to make sure there are no problems when it gets cold. A good roofing material keeps the heat in the house when the temperature outside drops. If a roof is not properly insulated, heat will escape from the roof, resulting in a cold, uncomfortable home that is not ideal for any member of the family. If your roof has broken, kinked, loose or cracked shingles,signs of mold or algae,and broken or cracked gutters, make sure to schedule any roof repairs as soon as possible.

Inspect all windows

Any unsealed corners in window frames can allow cold air to leak in. If the temperature drops, your heating system will work harder, resulting in higher gas or electricity bills. Checking all windows for any problems before the cold season hits is a necessity, especially if the house is old and has the original windows.

Check the water heater

Hot showers and baths are a great way to combat the cold of the winter months. Therefore, the water heater must be inspected to ensure that it is working properly. Homes with older water heaters should be checked regularly, but it’s especially important to check before it gets extremely cold. Boilers can be replaced, but no one wants to sit with cold showers in the winter waiting for a new boiler to be delivered. Inspect the pilot light regularly throughout the winter to make sure there are no problems.

Winter comes and goes as always, but no one can fully predict how cold this season will be. There are several things you can do to give your home some protection from the cold and harsh weather. First of all, talk to a roofer. If roofing issues need to be addressed, they need to be done before it gets too cold and dangerous for workers to get the job done. Windows should be the second most important aspect of the winter checklist, as should your water heater. By conducting a thorough inspection of these three, you can enjoy a safe, warm and comfortable winter season in your home.

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