Go Solar Group chooses Titan Solar Power as national install team

Go Solar Group has officially announced its new inked partnership with Titan Solar Power as a national installation team. Founded in Utah, Go Solar Group has further established itself as an authority on battery backup, solar products and the economics of solar energy by expanding from its only Salt Lake City office to include physical commercial and residential solar installation crews to Reno, Nevada; San Antonio, Texas; and Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Go Solar Group’s installation partnership with Titan Solar Power expands access to solar installations to Arizona, Colorado, Florida, California, Missouri, Illinois, New Jersey, Virginia, Georgia, and North and South Carolina. In 2022, Titan Solar Power plans to expand its installation reach to Oklahoma, Nebraska, Arkansas, Louisiana, Tennessee and Alabama, which will also further expand Go Solar Group’s installation reach.

“We are proud to have Titan Solar Power as our national installation partner because, in addition to their strong track record and reputation, they share our vision and core values ​​of customer centricity, honesty, integrity and continuous improvement,” said Go . Solar Group president and co-founder, Scott Cramer. “With our new sales and operational leadership, the partnership will help us increase the number of healthy, connected, and powerful residential solar homes in the Midwestern and Eastern US.”

While this partnership fundamentally changes what was once seen as a value proposition for Go Solar Group as a “full-service” solar energy company, it will rely on Titan Solar Power to fulfill Go Solar Group’s installations in 2022 and beyond the Go Solar Improving Group customer experience full circle, from faster installation to faster customer service.

News item from Go Solar Group

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