Here’s when blue roofs will be installed on Louisiana homes damaged by Hurricane Ida | News

As state and federal officials brag about how many people have applied for temporary roofs, some frustrated Hurricane Ida survivors are questioning when the roofs will actually be installed.

The temporary canopies are known as the Blue Roof Program.

They are fiber reinforced sheets to cover damaged roofs until permanent repairs are made.

A total of 15 parishes have been authorized for the roofs, compared to 13 initially.

More than 35,000 households have applied for the roofs, a FEMA official said Monday.

The rooftops are free.

But the first installations are in two days and where they will go is unclear.

“There have been no installations yet, but we expect the first Wednesday to come in,” FEMA said in a statement released Monday.

“However, a weather system is coming through that could delay that plan,” the agency said.

The impending rain is exactly why some homeowners get anxious.

'Blue sails' for homeowners?  Federal officials assess the need for temporary roofs

Federal officials said Tuesday they are assessing the damage to the roof from Hurricane Ida before deciding whether to offer free “blue tarps” to homes…

Ann Garvey, who lives in Lakeview, said on Monday that Hurricane Ida knocked off some attachments on her roof “where the rain would pour in and really cause damage. And there were a few other spots.”

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Garvey had no power in her house and tried to chase a blue roof over the phone.

“They said all our lines are busy, they will call back within 48 hours,” she recalls. “I never heard anything else.”

Garvey, aware of possible rain, bought her own tarpaulin for $250 and hired a roofer to install it.

She still struggles with rain seeping in through the windows, wet carpets and floors that look clunky.

The roofs are intended for main residences and permanently occupied rental properties with less than 50% structural damage.

Holiday homes are not eligible.

Roofs that are flat or made of metal or slate or asbestos tiles are not eligible.

The roofs will be installed by the US Army Corps of Engineers led by FEMA, which stands for Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Residents can register at or by calling (888)766-3258.

However, that phone line was down Monday due to what federal officials called a problem with the provider.

Garvey noted that, despite FEMA’s positive message, households without power don’t have access to the internet to sign up.

Blue roofs spread across the landscape after Hurricane Katrina landed in 2005 and after multiple storms in Lake Charles, including Hurricane Laura and Delta in 2020.

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