Insight Into Germany’s Green Roof and Wall Market, Trends, and Policy

The main results of the BuGG Green Roof Substrate Survey are that a total of 7,217,720 m² of green roofs were built in Germany in 2019. This is divided into 6,024,421 m² (83.5%) of extensive green roofs and 1,193,299 m². m (16.5%) intensive green roofs. Although 7,200,000 m² sounds impressive at first glance, this represents only 9 percent of the estimated 80,000,000 m² newly built flat roof area. This means that in 2019 about 91% of flat roofs remained ungreened – a huge potential market!

The German market for greening buildings is growing and promising. The German market for green roofs is growing on average by about 7 percent per year. The greening of buildings sector, including related professions, is already generating thousands of jobs – and this employment trend is increasing in line with growth!

To promote the implementation of green roofs and make cities more climate-proof, they are promoted through various instruments at the municipal level. The most common financing and incentive instruments are: Provisions in zoning plans, municipal ordinances, financing programs with financial subsidies, ecopoints and rate reduction for the split waste water tax.

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