K2 Systems and Roof Tech develop top-mount attachment for shingle rooftop solar projects

K2 systems, formerly Everest Solar Systems, is known for developing German-designed racking systems, but released its version of roof mounts in the course of 2020 to complement those systems. K2’s engineering and sales teams work with roof technology because of its waterproofing technology that comes with non-metallic flashes. Together, K2 and Roof Tech introduce an all-in-one mounting and connection: the Splice Foot X & XL.

Rendering of Splice Foot XL. K2 systems

The Splice Foot X & XL are an all-in-one mount and splice for K2’s CrossRail systems. This design eliminates the need for an L-Foot or other roof mounting products. The Splice Foot can be attached to the decking or rafter and is designed to be optimized with the full CrossRail system and can work interchangeably with standard rail connectors and other system components.

Roof Tech’s Flexible Flashing technology, known as AlphaSeal, uses a specialized butyl sealant that eliminates the need to lift shingles and remove nails, a risk associated with traditional metal flashing. The butyl sealant has been tested for rain, water immersion, salt spray, extreme temperature changes and age simulation. The Structural Mounting Screws supplied with the assembly are a 5mm self tapping screw that does not require pre-drilling and are designed to pull the butyl into the truss joint.

Everest Solar Systems was K2’s branch in the United States and Mexico, and now the German-based company was able to secure its name in the United States and is in the process of securing it for Mexico to become one brand worldwide.

News item from K2 Systems

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