Lockdown-dodgers fled over roofs to escape police after Mayfair party raid


Artygoers at a lockdown-busting party in a Mayfair flat fled over rooftops and scaffolding when it was ambushed by police, a court heard.

Police broke up the bash at 1:20 a.m. on January 16 after receiving reports of dozens of people at a loud party at the short-term rental flat on Woodstock Street, just off Oxford Street.

PC James Lilley said they found a party “in full swing” with empty bottles of champagne and spirits around the property and radio for backup as partygoers tried to flee with Covid fines.

“A man threatened us all with violence if we refused to move, and he indicated that the whole group would attack us,” the officer told Westminster magistrates.

“We held up and I communicated to control that we would need help quickly because of the threat of violence against us.

“Since people couldn’t leave, some partygoers decided to climb over the balcony onto an adjacent roof and go down via scaffolding that was higher.”

Fines were issued to those left behind at the property, including Leanne Swain, 24, of Gravesend and Melanie Walters, 28, of East Dulwich.

Both women were prosecuted for failing to pay their regular fines. Swain pleaded guilty and was fined £200, while Walters refused to plead and was ordered to pay £1,100 after being found guilty in her absence.

In a separate incident, Met officers were attacked when they broke up a late night party in Brick Lane on Jan. 15.

Details of the incident were revealed in the prosecution of Thomas Curd, 36, of Pimlico, who was found guilty of holding a meeting in violation of row four restrictions. He was fined £1,100 after he was caught packing musical equipment.

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