LS Energy Solutions releases large-scale ESS

Large-scale supplier of energy storage solutions LS Energy Solutions has released a new AC-coupled lithium energy storage system called AiON-ESS. The solution is available in two models for one hour and two to four hour applications.

The all-in-one system includes batteries, string inverters and energy management system. All components are pre-assembled at the factory.

“The AiON-ESS builds on our previous generation solution to provide our customers with a factory-produced and integrated product that eliminates the need for complex on-site labor. The AiON-ESS container contains everything needed for a quick and seamless installation, while the various storage configurations can meet a variety of energy needs,” said Steve Fludder, CEO of LS Energy Solutions.

The AiON-ESS Power Series is for one hour applications and the AiON-ESS Energy Series is for two to four hour applications. Both models combine the company’s fourth-generation String Inverter System (SIS) with lithium-ion batteries in a modular format that allows for configurations for a number of applications. The two models provide flexibility for applications ranging from small-scale C&I storage systems to multi-hundred megawatt utility applications.

In addition to the innovative String Inverter System architecture, the AiON-ESS includes the comprehensive Energy Management System (EMS) of the LS-ES, a software solution that maximizes the benefit of energy storage by supporting all possible modes of operation, from basic power quality control for the grid interface to fully automated energy management schemes. The company says it has contracts with Tier 1 battery manufacturers, but does not disclose which chemistry.

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