New Columbia Solar adds rooftop array to one of the oldest synagogues in the United States

Adas Israel Congregation, one of the oldest surviving synagogues in the United States, has partnered with New Columbia Solar to power their congregation through a 218 kW solar panel. The congregation has shown historical leadership for the Jewish faith as the country’s first synagogue to be visited by a United States president and the first to receive comments from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Now the church is entering a new chapter in its historical leadership role; with the panels harnessing the power of the sun, the synagogue has provided this historic place of Jewish worship with the inescapable and powerful symbol of light.

“New Columbia Solar is both challenged and inspired to design the systems to preserve the integrity of the venerable infrastructure in Washington, DC,” said Mike Healy, CEO of New Columbia Solar. “We are honored to have the opportunity to design solar panels on complex, historically significant buildings such as the Adas Israel Congregation Synagogue – one of the most remarkable synagogues in the country.”

Light serves as one of the most prominent motifs in the Torah, illuminating each holiday with traditional lighting of the candles. It serves as a symbol of guidance, resilience and spiritual affinity. By extension, the Adas Israel Congregation has blended deep-seated tradition and one of the country’s most iconic Jewish temples with modern, clean energy to power the esteemed synagogue.

“The need for energy and light has never diminished in all generations, since before the building was erected in 1867 or during the time of our ancestors recorded by the Torah. The shape is different, of course – but with the need for clean energy as a city and species, we are proud to provide our congregation with the power of the sun,” said David Polonsky, executive director of Adas Israel Congregation.

The project was made possible by the Community Purchasing Alliance (CPA) – a purchasing cooperative that serves synagogues, churches, schools and other mission-oriented property owners with the purchase of utilities and other services.

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