Nexamp partners with ComEd to pay for community solar credits for 650 utility customers per year

The mayor of Rockford, Illinois, joined forces with Nexamp and ComEd, the community solar provider, to launch Give-A-Ray, a new 15-year program to bring solar benefits and savings to customers with a low and middle income in Rockford and the surrounding area for free. With the help of local support services, including the Rockford Housing Authority, outreach to potential participants is underway and requirements are available at:

“Rockford places a high priority on using more renewable energy to generate electricity and ensuring the many benefits are available to customers regardless of income level,” said Mayor Tom McNamara. “We thank Nexamp and ComEd for bringing this innovative offering to Rockford and look forward to working with them to increase access to solar energy for residents who need it most.”

Community solar enables all customers to participate in the benefits of clean solar energy without installing panels on their own homes. Participants subscribe to a solar project and earn credits on their monthly utility bill for their portion of the energy the solar project produces.

Give-A-Ray, the first program of its kind in Illinois, allows approximately 650 ComEd customers per year to sign up for free and receive community solar credits. ComEd pays for community solar credits on behalf of clients and manages subscriber identification and enrollment for the project.

Eligible customers can earn credits on 75% of their average annual energy consumption, resulting in savings of approximately $250 per year. The credits vary monthly based on the amount of energy produced by the community’s solar project and the seasonal impact on power generation. Give-A-Ray is powered by the Illinois Solar for All program, which is established by the Future Energy Jobs Act passed by the Illinois General Assembly in 2016.

“We have worked closely with ComEd to develop a strong partnership and design a joint program that delivers significant savings for qualified solar subscribers in the community,” said Allan Telio, senior VP of community solar at Nexamp. “We commend ComEd for their vision, leadership and enthusiasm in co-developing this program with us to ensure it delivers maximum benefits for customers. I hope other utilities will follow suit.”

Nexamp’s community solar farm in Rockford will add more solar power to the local grid when it comes into operation in the fall of 2021 and will provide immediate benefits to hundreds of residents of surrounding communities. Located just north of downtown Rockford, the project sits on a former city dump site, giving new life to an otherwise unusable plot of land. The project features more than 6,600 solar panels with 2.6 megawatts of solar power generation capacity.

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