October solar policy snapshots

Community solar is open for business in the small state of Delaware. Credit: Ken Lund

House Democrats push for more incentives for solar energy in the budget package
Washington, DC

A handful of Democrats are working to include a new production tax credit for solar projects in the budget-alignment package currently under discussion by the House of Representatives. The concept package also includes an ITC renewal and direct payment for solar incentives.

DOE Secretary Asks All U.S. Mayors To Speed ​​Up Rooftop Solar Licensing Process
Washington, DC

Department of Energy Sec. Jennifer Granholm wrote an open letter to all US mayors asking them to adopt NREL’s SolarAPP+ instant online licensing process. Granholm wrote that SolarAPP+ is a rare, easy way to cut red tape and enable more residents to switch to solar energy.

DOE Releases Blueprint for Massive U.S. Solar Expansion
Washington, DC

The US Department of Energy recently published a study examining the role solar energy will play in the urgent decarbonization of the country. The department found that solar has the potential to power 40% of the country’s electricity by 2035, but bold policy making is necessary to achieve that goal.

Illinois sets 40% renewable energy target by 2030
Springfield, Illinois

Illinois Governor JB Pritzker signed an energy bill that sets an ambitious RPS of 40% renewable energy by 2030, which will spur the construction of 4,000 MW of new utility-scale solar and 5,800 MW of new rooftop and indoor solar. the community, according to Path to 100. The bill also sets requirements for diversity in deployment and recruitment in the renewable energy sector.

Solar proponents are suing California over changes to solar licenses
Sacramento, California

The California Solar & Storage Association has sued the state over the new C-10 licensing requirement for installing solar and storage systems, according to: The New York Times. CALSSA argues it is an unnecessary step that would seriously disrupt the California solar industry.

Coalition of 347 different organizations sends letter to Newsom government to keep net measurement
Sacramento, California

A coalition of nearly 400 organizations representing the business, housing, education and conservation sectors signed an open letter to California Governor Gavin Newsom, asking him to maintain grids in the state. The California Public Utilities Commission is currently working on an update to the program.

SMUD plans to cut net meter credits by 44% next year
Sacramento, California

The Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) has passed a policy to cut solar netting credits by 44% from March 2022. Solar proponents say the ruling undermines the utility’s previous commitment to climate relief, as fewer customers can now afford solar.

Research shows that installing solar energy during new construction is very economical
Sacramento, California

A BloombergNEF and Schneider Electric study found that adding solar power to new homes, as California now dictates, is twice as profitable as adding solar power to existing homes. The extra return can be contributed to lower soft costs and lower labor and construction costs.

New York governor sets huge solar target during Climate Week 2021
Albany, New York

New York Governor Kathy Hochul kicked off Climate Week by calling for an expansion of the state’s solar program to reach at least 10 GW of distributed solar energy by 2030. NYSERDA is now tasked with creating a roadmap to achieve that goal.

Delaware updates community solar rules to remove barriers
Dover, Delaware

Governor John Carney signed a bill to update the state’s solar rules to allow for more development and subscriber access. The final legislation allows for multiple ownership models, increases the potential size of community solar projects, eliminates installation requirements and adds consumer protection measures.

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