Oklahoma Roofer Announces Several Changes that Will Help

Edmond, Sept. 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Roof Pro Local, a still-growing contractor in the Oklahoma City metropolitan region, has always prided itself on doing whatever it takes to better serve its customers. A prime example of this is that this renowned roofer has just announced that several changes are in the works to give its customers a better experience when working with them. This includes everything from expanding their service area to helping their customers make it easier when they want to honor a roof-related insurance claim.

A company spokesperson, Darren, said: “There are two reasons why our business has grown so rapidly over the past twenty years. One is the quality of the work we do. The other is that we have always been willing to making necessary changes to better serve our customers.We pride ourselves on being as progressive as possible at all times.This has proven to be a proven recipe for success when it comes to our customers’ satisfaction with our roofing services. ”

Roof Pro Local Oklahoma

One of the biggest announcements Darren has wanted to make on behalf of the company is that due to unprecedented growth and demand, they have decided to expand their service area. As their reputation continues to grow, they receive many requests for their services from people in some areas of Oklahoma and Canadian provinces that they believe are not currently served by them. That will no longer be the case as they will now cover all the counties of Oklahoma and Canada. More details about this service area expansion were discussed in a recent press release issued by this renowned Norman and Edmond roofing company. He added that to responsibly expand their service area, they will also form more crews and increase the size of their service truck fleet.

Some of the other big announcements the company made related to their customers and roof insurance. Darren says that because of the tremendous respect they have gained from working with the insurance companies in the area regarding roof claims, they are now able to provide their clients with early stage help with all the roof related insurance claims they have. Many consider them experts when it comes to assisting their clients who have suffered storm damage or other insurable roof accidents. Customers who have had this roofer work on behalf of their insurer have given Roof Pro Local high marks for the assistance they have received. R. Vincent stated: “Bruce was great to work with. Very professional and kept me informed all the time. Bruce worked with our insurance company and took care of everything ensuring a smooth experience. They were fast, punctual and the roof looks fantastic. Bruce was also able to have some siding and screen repairs done for us. The siding fitted perfectly and the screens look great.” The company spokesperson stated that they have even devised a method that will allow their customers to save as much as 40% on their roof insurance premiums. Darren went on to say that their customers can expect to continue to look for ways to better serve all of their roofing needs.

The company spokesperson recalled that they carry out both commercial and residential roofing work. This includes all types of roof repairs, roof installations and roof storm damage services. One of the most popular of these is their residential roof replacement work. Those who have had this type of roofing done for them by Roof Pro Local have raved about the quality of the work done. Walta Rollin stated: “I am so happy with my new beautiful roof! Michael and David were professional, prompt and knowledgeable. The roofers were extremely quiet and efficient during the installation! They maintain excellent communication from start to finish. If you need a new roof, I say Roof Pro is the way to go!”

Darren says those in Oklahoma City, Edmond, Yukon, Norman, Moore, Nichols Hills, and now all counties of Oklahoma and Canada who want more information about their services can contact them by phone, email, or by filling out the form. to fill. on their website.


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