Paradise Energy Solutions installs 53.6-kW solar array at Pennsylvania retirement community

Menno Haven, a retirement community based in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, is now partially powering its facilities with a recently activated 53.6 kW solar panel system. The 134 solar panels are installed on top of Menno Haven’s Life Center by Paradise Energy Solutions.

Credit: Paradise Energy Solutions

There were two reasons why Menno Haven decided to invest in solar energy: to save money and to reduce their carbon footprint and air pollution.

“While the first is fun, we think the second is more important,” said John Luetzelschwab, resident and co-founder of Menno Haven’s Green Team — a group of residents with a mission to help their communities be good stewards of the Earth.

Building on the mission of the Green Team, the board of directors has established a subcommittee on sustainability. Much of its mission was renewable energy, which spurred the installation of the solar system. Throughout the process, the residents of Menno Haven were strongly in favor of the pursuit of solar energy, demonstrating their commitment to sustainable living.

“The money to pay for the project came from donations from residents and administration,” Luetzelschwab said. “So we have a lot of residents who think the same.

“With this background, we hope to install additional solar panels using Power Purchase Agreements,” he added

The solar panels installed by Paradise Energy Solutions will generate 60,000 kWh, generating more than $4,000 in electricity per year. In addition, the system can earn Menno Haven an additional $1,000 each year through the sale of Solar Renewable Energy Credits.

In addition to reducing operating costs, Luetzelschwab hopes the solar panels will benefit the community in other ways.

“As more retirees become concerned about environmental issues, they will see Menno Haven as an institution that shares those concerns and will be willing to choose Menno Haven as their retirement home,” he said. “For the same reason that Menno Haven could benefit from good marketing and public relations, other companies could also benefit from attracting customers.”

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