Parishes offer tarp programs for residents

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) – The Blue Roof program offers sailing to residents of 25 parishes, but several parishes offer their own assistance.

“I come here to get a tarp because I have a hole in my roof. And I have pots everywhere that catch the water,” said Lea Holden.

Holden lives in Ascension Parish and a tree fell through her roof during Hurricane Ida.

“It’s awful, I mean, it’s hot. The heat coming out of that hole and stuff, so it made it hotter because I just had my lights back on Sunday night,” Holden said.

The parish now offers tarpaulins for those in need.

“We will now continue for a few days to hand out tarps to our Ascension parishioners to try and cover up the devastation of Hurricane Ida with Tropical Storm Nicholas sweeping into the area,” Ascension Fire Chief James LeBlanc said.

LeBlanc says they distribute tarpaulins to people on both the east and west banks of the parish. And assures us that there is plenty to do.

“We actually have a good stock of tarpaulins; we have not rejected any residents of the Ascension Parish. And for the last 2-3 days residents have come in to get them. Many residents came before the rain and we have even more residents now that the rain is here,” said LeBlanc.

Driving through the area you can see what the chef is talking about. But there are still many who need protection.

“Now I have to put it on my roof. My grandson and my son are going to put it there for me,” Holden said.

“People’s roofs will be very slippery, especially if you have metal roofs or something like that. We just have to be as careful as possible,” LeBlanc added.

For those of you who are physically unable to set the sails, the parish has you covered too.

“If we know that we have some elderly residents in Ascension Parish who are suffering from roof damage, and they can’t get on their roof, we have a group in Ascension Parish called Volunteer Ascension who can help get volunteers to help put these tarps up the roof,” LeBlanc explained.

If you are one of those who need help putting up your tarpaulin, here is the sign up link to Facebook page Ascension Volunteers.

Help is also available outside of Ascension. We found out that St. Mary and Livingston Parish also distribute tarpaulins. In Livingston, according to parish president Layton Ricks, simply drop by the nearest fire station.

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