Parklea Correctional Centre prisoners climb on roofs

Inmates at Parklea Correctional Center in Sydney climbed on the roofs of buildings in the prison this afternoon.

Aerial photos showed a number of inmates standing and walking on the rooftops of the facility.

Smoke was also coming from the roof.

Smoke comes from the roof of a prison building. (9News)

“The Security Operations Group and correctional officers are currently responding to an incident at Parklea Correctional Center after 14 inmates climbed onto the roof of an accommodation wing around 2:00 p.m.,” an MTC-Broadspectrum spokesperson said.

“Parklea’s Immediate Response Team officers and the Security Operation Group are managing the situation to get the prisoners safely off the roof.”

Police have since gained access to the roof and seen them standing over detainees lying down.

Police and fire brigade are on site.

The prison is located in the far northwest of Sydney, near Quakers Hill.

9News has contacted Corrective Services NSW for comment.

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