Plum Island Fog-Signal Roofing Project Complete

The Friends of Plum and Pilot Islands (FOPPI) and the US Fish and Wildlife Service announce the completion of the $14,000 Plum Island fog-signal roofing project, which is a grant from the Raibrook Foundation, the US Fish and Wildlife Service and FOPPI donors made possible.

A few years ago, Jim Robinson of Shoreline Charters warned FOPPI of a potential loss of shingles that he could see from the water. A team inspected the building from below and verified Robinson’s suspicions, but there were actually… holes in the roof. Due to the extreme slope of the roof, FOPPI has a team of Mountain climbers to put on a temporary tarp while it money raised to repair the roof. Chewy & Teo Baileys Harbor roofing and siding completed the project.

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