Prepping your home before this week’s forecasted heavy rainfall

GRAND BLANC TOWNSHIP, Michigan (WJRT) — Most people know to check their sump pumps and sewer drains when it rains, but when it comes to sustained heavy rainfall, people often forget to check the first place it rains — and that’s the roof.

“Sinks – you want to make sure they stay clear. It can cause a lot of other problems – roof problems and foundation problems if you don’t. Gutters are designed to take the water off the roof and keep it away from the house,” says Dan Sowden from Lockhart Roofing.

Pretty clear here. Dan Sowden of Lockhart Roofing says the problem is when there’s dirt in the way and water can’t move freely — that moisture can and will start to get back into your roof.

That is not good. What is good? Checking gutters and downspouts every now and then – especially for heavy rains, like what’s headed our way from Tuesday.

Sowden says delaying gutter maintenance can only exacerbate and complicate matters now and possibly later.

That means a minor roof leak can turn into water and mold damage in the attic — and you, the homeowner, would never know until it’s too late or if you check your attic regularly.

Sowden also says that improper drainage away from the house can lead to foundation problems such as cracks, which can cause leaks in a home’s basement or crawl space.

“That’s what we see a lot. People will call about a roof leak, and actually know for sure that it is the roof that is leaking, but the roof is not to blame – it is the maintenance of the gutters.”

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