Product Picks: September 2021

Hundreds of products and services compete for industry attention every month. Here are some that our editors think will be interesting LBM Journal readers.

ODL’s Mistify Textured Glass

Mistify by ODL is designed as a combination of pattern and texture. The new product combines textured glass and a droplet pattern inspired by abstract impressionism to create a unique, multi-dimensional effect. According to the manufacturer, the result is a dramatic blend of style and privacy that creates a great first impression on any home. As a result of the ceramic frit process, the black pattern becomes part of the glass, making Mistify door glass scratch and fade resistant. It is designed not to discolor when exposed to household cleaners or normal wear and tear. The low-maintenance internal grilles would add architectural flair to home styles from modern farmhouse to contemporary industrial. Available in a variety of door glass and sidelight sizes, frames and grilles between glass configurations. Mistify is available in ENERGY STAR qualified sizes and is made from low-E energy-efficient glass. In addition, certain sizes are available with laminated Severe Weather glass.

TigerClaw by FastenMaster

FasternMaster’s TigerClaw’s TC-G Concealed Clip for Grooved Decking and TigerClaw Installation Gun are designed to be the fastest way to install concealed clips on all leading deck brands, including Fiberon, Trex and more. The TC-G Hidden Clip is designed to work in pre-grooved decking or non-grooved decking using the TC-150 slot cutter. According to the manufacturer, the sharp teeth of the clip are embedded in the upper part of the groove for strong holding power, and the stainless steel screw provides a durable connection between decking and joist. The Tiger Claw Pneumatic Installation Gun has a unique nose piece that holds the clips in the correct position every time, where a screw nail (scrail) is fired through the clip into the joist, securing the decking board to the joist in one step. According to FastenMaster, the installation gun will install approximately 400 square feet of decking in an hour on average.

Fortress aluminum fencing

Athens Residential aluminum fencing from Fortress Building Products is designed as an ultra-lightweight perimeter solution that can be installed quickly and is suitable for steep slope changes in an imperfect landscape. According to the manufacturer, the high-end design flexibility, enhanced by recent technological advances, allows rails to follow the ground while the pickets remain vertical. Designed as a cost-effective to stock solution, Athens is backed by a limited lifetime warranty. The main features are: Easy and fast installation; resistance to rot, warping, decay and rust; galvanized and treated in an architectural powder coating; virtually no maintenance required; and an adjustable hidden fastening system provides a clean look. Fully stretchable panels can accommodate slope changes of up to 10 degrees.

Hot dip galvanized roofing nails with ring shank

Hot dip galvanized Ring Shank Roofing Nails from Maze Nails are designed for the safe application of asphalt and fiberglass shingles on new construction and renovation work. The ring nails are manufactured to provide extra holding power, especially in high wind and hurricane areas. The nails feature a STORMGUARD zinc coating designed to ensure additional corrosion resistance.

Shingles from PABCO Roofing Products

PABCO Roofing manufactures a broad line of asphalt shingles designed to meet the unique needs of homeowners in the western US. From the ultra-wet Pacific Northwest to the arid climates of West Texas, PABCO Roofing Products are engineered to provide the protection and performance required by homes in a variety of regions. Unique PABCO Roofing technologies and designs include: Premier Solar Reflective Shingles, Algae Defender, Cascade Signature Cut Shingles and Paramount Signature Cut Shingles (shown). PABCO Roofing Products is a division of PABCO Building Products that serves the construction industry in the western US and Canada.

SPAX PowerTrim Trim & Composite PVC Trim Screws

The new SPAX special fastener is designed for use in fastening wood and composite/PVC trim for interior and exterior work in homes. Part-threaded applications include fixing window and door frames, baseboards, cabinets, jambs, stairs and balustrades, crown molding and fine carpentry. Reverse double thread applications include fascias, baseboards, window and door trim and countertops. PowerTrim fasteners include features such as: T-STAR plus drive in a cylindrical head and a UNIQUE 4CUT tip designed for quick and easy installation without pre-drilling. PowerTrim fasteners also have a reverse twin thread for PVC applications designed to pull and hide braid curls and prevent bulging. Available in both #8 and #9 diameters and in lengths of 1-1/4″, 1-1/2″, 2″, 21/2″, 3-1/8″ 4″ and 5″.

Trusscore wall and ceiling board

Trusscore Wall&CeilingBoard is designed with a high strength polymer formulation and developed as an alternative to traditional FRP, OSB and drywall systems. Unlike plasterboard,
Trusscore Wall&CeilingBoard is an integrated wall system complete with custom moldings. According to the manufacturer, it does not require time-consuming painting or finishing after installation. Tongue and groove panels slide together, fasteners are invisible for a clean finish, and Wall&CeilingBoard is designed to integrate seamlessly with Trusscore SlatWall to create a total wall storage solution. Available in 1/2″ thick, 16″ wide panels in standard lengths of 8″, 10″, 12″, 14″, 16″ and 20″. Available in the colors white and grey.

Litnaglis nails

Plastic strip/coil nails, duplex nails and wire coated nails are available from Litnaglis. The manufacturer’s plastic strip nails are available at 21°. Dealers can choose which diameter, length, nail type or coating they want to order. While Lignaglis plastic sheet nails are designed for framing, the company’s plastic sheet nails are designed for use in flooring and siding. Litnaglis duplex nails are a double-headed nail that is a replacement for regular nails used in formwork. The nail is hammered on the first head only, leaving a gap with the second so that the nail can be easily removed with a hammer or crowbar. Litnaglis wire coated nails are designed for durability, reliability and less reloading. The nails are held together by two thin wire strips and are angled at 16°. A wide variety of different nail finishes are available that are suitable for outdoor construction. A coil can hold 50 to 200 nails.

Benjamin Obdyke has redesigned Batten UV furring strips

Benjamin Obdyke has redesigned its Batten UV cladding strips with improved compression resistance which are well suited for open joint cladding systems. The new Batten UV Strips are designed to maintain a 3/8 space even with the screw fixing required for composite decking, which are often used to create trendy open joint cladding systems. Batten UV can be installed vertically (traditional) or horizontally (for use with vertical cladding). Being made of polypropylene, Batten UV is said to be durable and flexible even at low temperatures. The new Batten UV comes in 8′ lengths, with 400 linear feet per box. Batten UV has a 15 year limited product warranty or a 25 year limited system warranty.

SandNET from Diablo

Diablo’s full line of premium SandNET discs and plates includes a clog-reducing mesh design for extra-long sanding time, a premium ceramic blend for rapid material removal, and reusable technology for repeated use. Diablo’s SandNET products are available in multiple sizes and configurations. SandNET’s anti-clogging nylon net design allows users to clear any buildup of pitch or clogging of the grit by shaking, vacuuming or rinsing the sandpaper, extending its life and usage. Diablo’s SandNET reusable sanding blocks have a cushioned foam side for controlled material removal in contour sanding, and a dense foam side for aggressive material removal on flat surfaces and at a 90º angle.

Georgia-Pacific DensDefy Liquid Barrier

A new product within the DensDefy Products line, DensDefy Liquid Barrier works side-by-side with the DensElement Barrier System and ForceField Weather Barrier and is designed to provide a high-performance, highly durable WRB-AB system on multiple substrates, including DensGlass Gold Casing. Developed to help protect against water ingress and reduce the risk of unwanted air movement, the product is said to cure quickly (and in wet conditions). The product can be applied in wet weather, on damp substrates and tolerates rain immediately after application. DensDefy Liquid Barrier can be applied at temperatures as low as 25ºF and cures at temperatures as low as 32ºF, and can be exposed to normal weather conditions for up to 12 months.

Bosch site radios

The 18V construction site radio with Bluetooth 5.0 and Power Station, and the GPB18V-2C, an 18V compact construction site radio with Bluetooth 5.0. Both are designed with durability, flexibility and portability in mind. Both work radios have different ways to connect and listen to music, including Bluetooth 5.0. With a USB charging option, mobile devices can also stay charged. The GPB18V-5C provides four 120V AC outlets to power lights, tools, electronics and more. Additional features include: 360-degree stereo sound, four-way speakers with integrated subwoofer, hybrid power supply, a digital media room for most mobile devices and personalized sound, with separate bass and treble controls and five equalizer presets. The GPB18V-2C is the compact version of the construction site radio.

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