Protect Your Walls and Sloped Roofs with a Smarter Sheathing System

Weather conditions threaten the structural integrity of any building, from single-family homes to multi-family projects. Residential and light commercial builders alike are looking for a more sophisticated way to protect their structures as they compete to stay ahead of weather, time and labor challenges. The problem is that common solutions, such as wrapping paper and adhesive, have their own limitations.

Instead, builders are focusing more on Integrated Water Resistant Barriers and Air Barriers (WRB/AB). An integrated WRB/AB provides a critical line of defense against the elements. It reduces the risks of water damage and air leakage and prevents costly damage and delays due to weather conditions. By simplifying the approach to achieving a continuous building envelope, WRB/AB systems can better protect investments, reputations and tight timelines.

Leave nothing to chance

To provide the quality level and risk mitigation builders of a WRB/AB, Georgia-Pacific has developed a high-performance cladding system for timber frame structures. force field® Weather Barrier System is the all-in-one smarter shroud system that helps protect against air and water ingress, keeping homes dry during construction and beyond. force field® Panels and accessories provide an easy-to-install, sturdy and versatile solution to protect your structure, whatever Mother Nature has in store.

Reduce the risks of water damage

Solutions without water-resistant technology leave buildings vulnerable to water damage that can do more than leave unsightly marks on walls and ceilings. Water has the power to compromise the structural elements of the structure.

Drying in your build starts with ForceField® Panels that can be easily installed on walls and roofs. The panels have a 3-in-1 design that consists of:

  1. Structural shell for increased strength and durability
  2. A core made of moisture-resistant resins with DryGuard® Technology
  3. Improved overlay that helps keep water out and has a smooth surface for easy application

This innovative design promotes water retention so the panels can protect your structure from the moment they are installed.

Keep builds on track

With ForceField® Weather Barrier System, crews can eliminate the step of applying cling film or roof underlayment, reducing the number of craftsmen needed on a job site. Plus, ForceField® Panels won’t crack, flake or blister, so you don’t have to worry about weather-related repairs. In addition, the panels can be easily installed like standard OSB or plywood, increasing the overall efficiency of the installation while increasing the integrity of homes. Staying on schedule, along with ease of installation, leads to faster project turnaround times.

Thanks to ForceField® Weather Barrier System panels and products, there is no need for cling film or shelter.
Thanks to ForceField® Weather Barrier System panels and products, there is no need for cling film or shelter.

Minimize air leakage

To take full advantage of the enclosure system, ForceField® Products complete the system to help prevent air infiltration and contribute to the continuity of the control layers of the building envelope.

Installers can quickly and easily treat wall joints and joints with ForceField® Seam tape Plus. force field® Flex Flashing Tape, ForceField® AT Flashing and ForceField® Corner Seal can also be used to cover every detail and make sure no gap is left behind. And when sealing roof panels, it’s all-new, high-performance, self-adhesive ForceField® Premium Tape gets the job done.

ForceField Weather Barrier System is also compatible with our premium building envelope products, including DensDefy® Liquid Flashing and DensDefy® transition membrane.

A guarantee that adds an extra layer of protection

After all seams have been treated to get the job done, ForceField® Weather Barrier System creates a durable, high-performance building envelope that is strong against the elements. Plus, ForceField® Panels and ForceField® Products that are part of the original building envelope are covered by a Georgia-Pacific limited warranty. It’s all part of Georgia-Pacific’s abiding commitment to offering high-quality, sustainable building products.

ForceField® Weather Barrier System is an integrated weather barrier (WRB) that protects your walls and pitched roofs.
ForceField® Weather Barrier System is an integrated weather barrier (WRB) that protects your walls and pitched roofs.

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