PV – Yotta Energy and EcoBuild Partner on Multiple Commercial Solar + Storage Projects in Louisiana 

“Yotta Energy has been a great partner to help us scale our market. We are thrilled with the ease of use of Yotta’s solution,” said Richard Carroll, co-owner of EcoBuild.

The first installation for the partnership is for one of the top roofing companies in the country, Premier South Roofing, at its headquarters in Baton Rouge. The building, which houses much of the company’s staff and commercial roofing work, is now home to a rooftop solar + storage system consisting of solar panels, energy storage and a 125 kW generator that powers the microgrid. will occur during a malfunction.

In addition, EcoBuild is installing three electric vehicle (EV) chargers to fuel Premier’s future fleet of 30 vehicles. Some of the vehicles include Ford F-150 Lightning Electric Trucks and GMC Hummer EV Pickups. The system is expected to provide 100 percent of the building’s power load, including the energy needed to charge EVs. Once installed, Premier South can expect a payback of less than five years.

“When disaster strikes, it’s imperative to keep our lights on and our roofing services up and running,” said Premier South Roofing’s RJ McGimsey. “This solar plus storage installation is a valuable investment that will save us year-round energy costs and enable us to electrify our vehicle fleet, without the cost of an extensive battery system located separately from the building.”

Yotta’s PV-Coupled architecture solution, the Yotta SolarLeaf™, is a fully integrated energy storage device that integrates behind any photovoltaic (PV) panel in a solar panel. The solution is easy to deploy for solar self-consumption, time-based control and peak saving, enabling customers to realize energy savings and achieve grid independence. The device enables a distributed and scalable size and maximizes battery life and performance under extreme weather conditions thanks to its thermal control technology.

With reports indicating storms are getting stronger due to the warmer weather, many states in tropical zones are looking for alternative solutions to supply power. The Yotta Energy storage system is designed to meet strict wind requirements.

“Being from the Baton Rouge area, I have strong ties to the communities that often deal with life-changing weather events,” said Yotta CEO, Omeed Badkoobeh. “We are excited to partner with EcoBuild to deploy this technology as the state rebuilds. We expect the resiliency and cost savings of distributed energy resources to drive adoption and ultimately move us away from obsolete energy resources.”

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