Roofs are the weakest point of entry for burglars in Standerton

Kasselman Security Services (KSS) sent information on Friday, September 10, about a break-in at a company at the Oriental Plaza.

According to Mr. Jannie Kasselman, roof security is becoming increasingly important in an increasingly safety and security conscious society.

“Many roofs have become the weakest entry point for burglars, even when the property is secured with efficient locks and shutters on doors and windows,” said Mr Kasselman.

The following tips were given:

• All hatches, air ducts and ventilation openings on the roof must be covered with safety bars that are securely fastened. Glass skylights must be fitted with burglar-resistant glass and security slats or a steel grille. These bars must be further secured with padlocks.

• Don’t make it easy for burglars to get onto your roof by placing outdoor ladders or a waste container against your outside wall. Ladders to your roof can be moved indoors and you can move and secure your dumpster from your outside wall.

• Install motion sensors in your ceilings to detect any movement

• Place beams around your property so that intruders can be detected before they even reach your roof.

• Provide adequate lighting around your property to deter criminals from entering your property and increase the chances of seeing someone lurking in your yard.

• Make sure that your roof tiles are firmly attached to the roof construction and therefore cannot be easily removed.

• Place an extra layer of galvanized iron sheets under your roof.

• You can even install additional slats to reduce the gap between slats.

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