Satisfactory update 5 has a rampload of new cosmetics and structure parts

If you, like me, know that a well-organized and aesthetic factory is a beautiful factory, then I have a treat for you. As we’ve known for a few weeks now, Satisfactory Update 5 is on the way, and in addition to some map reworks, it will include some beautiful new cosmetic, structural, and foundation pieces for factory building.

As the trailer above shows, Satisfactory will have all kinds of new pillars, railings, fences, roofing, beams, walkways and frames. First, you can plop railings on ramps – a much sought-after feature among the factory building elite. New, smaller pillars will fit nicely into three types, and metal beams can be used as structural elements. And what are you going to use beams and pillars for? You use them to hang new regular, metal and glass roof components. Never use floors as a roof again.

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