SEIA outlines infrastructure policy priorities in letter to House Committee on Ways and Means

GameChange Solar

This week SEIA sent a letter to House Committee on Ways and Means Speaker Richard Neal outlining the solar industry’s priorities in the infrastructure package.

SEIA outlined six key priorities for solar growth in the letter.

  1. Extend and strengthen the solar investment tax credit (ITC) to fill as much of the 10-year budget window as possible and increase the credit back to at least 30%.
  2. Set up 100% instant rewards to ensure ongoing funding, grow the industry and deploy solar quickly.
  3. Add standalone energy storage to the ITC.
  4. Provide significant support to help grow US solar production.
  5. Address grid resilience and necessary upgrades to accommodate all new renewable energy coming online, including transmission and interconnection.
  6. Support equitable human resources policies that meet the needs of the growing sustainable industry.

Read the full letter below.

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