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Market leading roofing manufacturer, Sika, has launched a complete green roof package, providing both the high performance roof sealing system and the green roof system, all backed by its trusted technical and application support.

Prescribers can now turn to Sika’s roofing experts for the full spectrum of roofing technologies from hot melt structural waterproofing and reinforced bituminous membranes to single layer and cold applied liquid membranes, whichever is best for the project in question, all of which can now be laid with a Sika Green Roof system on it. Manufactured in the UK, the new systems are available in three of the most common types of green roofs: extensive, intensive and biodiverse.

Sika not only supplies all the materials needed for the entire green roof project, but also provides invaluable expertise and support throughout the process. The Sika Roofing team is on hand to assist you from initial design, engineering calculations and specifications through to installation, site inspections and final sign-off. Further peace of mind is achieved thanks to Sika’s UK-wide network of certified roofers, all fully trained to deliver high quality results.

With sustainable development as the main focus in construction, supported by the government and local authorities, the benefits of a Sika Green Roof cannot be overemphasized. Multiple studies have shown that green roof systems can improve air quality, reduce the urban heat island effect, preserve or even increase biodiversity, improve a building’s thermal performance and manage stormwater year-round — especially important in areas with flooding or where sustainable drainage systems ( SuDS) are a design consideration.

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