Solar Integrated Roofing Corp. Partners with Sunnova Energy for Solar Leasing and Financing Services for USA Solar Networks Subsidiary

Strategic Tier-1 Partnership Expected to Further Boost US Solar Grid Subsidiary Growth

EL CAJON, CA / ACCESSWIRE / September 30, 2021 / Solar Integrated Roofing Corp. (OTC PINK:SIRC), an integrated, single installation company for solar and roofing systems, today announced that the company’s subsidiary USA Solar Networks, LLC has entered into a nationwide partnership with Sunnova Energy International Inc. (NOVA ) to offer financing services through its national dealer and contractor network.

Founded in 2012, Sunnova is one of the nation’s leading private solar lenders – offering homeowners in 32 states nationwide loans, leasing and PPA options, with rates as low as 0.99%. The company, valued at more than $3.8 billion dollars, has helped more than 160,000 homeowners experience the benefits of solar energy.

Under the partnership agreement, USA Solar Networks will add Sunnova’s comprehensive line of financing programs to its National Dealer and Contractor Network, giving dealers the ability to offer loans, leasing and PPA options to their customers. Through the partnership, USA Solar Networks has now expanded to more than 40 states nationwide and serves more than 100 solar sales organizations nationwide. The company believes this could significantly improve sales opportunities, generating thousands of projects annually, generating millions of dollars in incremental revenue.

“Combining Sunnova’s innovative financing options with our strong ‘service first’ culture, we are quickly becoming the leading provider of solar energy in many parts of the country,” said Pablo Diaz, CEO of USA Solar Networks. “Leasing opportunities were a missing part of our sales program – we are truly privileged to offer this in partnership with a tier-1 provider such as Sunnova, significantly expanding our revenue potential and growing our potential customer base by an estimated 30% or more. I look forward to working closely with the Sunnova team to further their goal of bringing the benefits of solar energy to every homeowner in the country.

About Sunnova Energy International Inc.

Sunnova Energy International Inc. (NOVA) is a leading provider of solar and residential energy storage with customers in the US and its territories. Sunnova’s goal is to be the source of clean, affordable and reliable energy with a simple mission: to promote energy independence so that homeowners have the freedom to live uninterrupted lives. For more information, visit

About Solar Integrated Roofing Corp.

Solar Integrated Roofing Corp. (OTC PINK:SIRC), is an integrated, single-source solar and roofing installation platform specializing in commercial and residential real estate in the United States. The company serves communities by delivering the best experience through constant innovation and legacy-focused leadership. The company’s wide range of solutions spans the sale and installation of solar energy systems, backup batteries and charging stations for electric vehicles (EVs) to roofing, HVAC and related electrical installation work. For more information, visit the company’s website at:

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