SolMicroGrid to build solar microgrid for three California Chick-fil-A locations

SolMicroGrid has announced plans to deploy a solar-powered microgrid solution to power three Chick-fil-A restaurants in California with energy resilience and renewable energy. SolMicroGrid’s innovative systems address the problem of power outages and the need for more renewable energy.

Through a combination of solar power, natural gas generators and on-site storage controlled by an AI dashboard, the microgrids will provide the reliability of continuous power supply during local power outages.

“With this new system, we can reduce energy costs while continuing to serve our guests even during a power outage,” said April Farage, a Chick-fil-A operator in Stockton, California. “This solution allows us to provide a place where community guests can gather, enjoy a meal, and plug in when power isn’t available to their homes.”

SolMicroGrid is a developer and operator of microgrid systems for commercial and industrial customers in North America seeking a comprehensive Energy-as-a-Service solution for their power needs. The company partnered with Chick-fil-A to develop the energy system, which can be used in restaurants, gas stations, supermarkets, pharmacies and other community-critical businesses.

“SolMicroGrid’s inception has been to provide community-critical businesses with the clean, renewable energy they need to serve their customers, even in times of crisis, and to address the trend of rising energy costs” , said Matt Ward. , co-founder and CEO of SolMicroGrid.

Following completion of initial California installations, Chick-fil-A and SolMicroGrid, with support from their financial partner, Morgan Stanley Energy Partners, plan through their managed investment funds to explore microgrid solutions for additional Chick-fil-A restaurant locations in all of Europe. North America.

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