Somersworth NH roofing co. accused of accepting cash, failing to do work

SOMERSWORTH — A local business faces a civil complaint for alleged unfair and deceptive acts or practices in violation of the New Hampshire Consumer Protection Act.

The complaint was filed in Stafford County Superior Court against William Mourgenos, owner of A&M Roofing and Sons, and his son, Brian Mourgenos, according to New Hampshire Attorney General John Formella.

Formella said A&M Roofing and Sons operates out of Somersworth.

The complaint alleges that William Mourgenos committed unfair and deceptive acts or practices against three separate consumers.

The allegations include:

· He has failed to pay a refund to a Somersworth consumer as required by an Assurance or Discontinuation.

He accepted a deposit for material from a consumer in Rollinsford, then did not use the consumer’s money for the job and failed to refund the consumer’s deposit even though he was not doing any work, all of which contradicted with the insurance of termination.

He and Brian Mourgenos would both have accepted a cash deposit from a consumer in Kittery, Maine, but did not do any work for the consumer on her Portsmouth property and did not refund the consumer when asked.

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The state is demanding restitution, civil fines, legal costs and injunctions in its civil complaint, Formella said.

Assistant Attorney General Greg Albert of the Office of Consumer Protection and Antitrust is pursuing this case.

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An attempt to reach A&M Roofing and Sons and the two defendants in the complaint immediately failed.

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