Suncoast roofers struggling due to increases in prices and delays on supplies

NOKOMIS, Fla. (WWSB) — Roofing companies on the Suncoast say they’re struggling.

“In 16 years, we’ve never had material shortages like this, price hikes like this,” said Rachel Beckner, vice president of Green Roofing and Waterproofing Technologies.

It’s been a tough six months for the Nokomis business and so many other roofing companies on the Suncoast. Roofers say prices for supplies of all types have doubled.

“We eat money now, we lose money,” Beckner said.

Another major problem roofers face is the long delays in receiving the materials they need. What would normally come within two weeks now takes six to nine months. Suppliers say the problem is that many roofing supplies come from outside the country.

“They’re on a cargo that’s trying to get here, the cargo is being held up,” said Joshua Brown of Sunniland Corporation. “And by the time it gets here, supply and demand are so great that costs are rising, it’s hard to get your hands on anything.”

These kinds of delays and price increases affect suppliers, roofers and the residential and commercial roofing industry. Experts say commercial roofing is currently being hit harder than residential roofing.

“It’s just out of the blue, then all of a sudden in April they started coming back to back, with no notice,” Beckner said. “They’d say, hey, our prices are going up.”

There are concerns from some roofing companies that it could eventually force them to close one day.

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