SunPower partners with Wallbox to offer EV chargers during solar installs

SunPower has announced that it is partnering with Wallbox to make the switch to an electric lifestyle easier, more affordable and more sustainable. The strategic alliance allows new SunPower customers to choose to install a Wallbox home EV charger at the same time as installing their solar and/or storage system. SunPower will also act as a preferred supplier of solar energy and storage and as a supplier of EV chargers to Wallbox customers.

With a strong consumer overlap – nearly 40% of EV drivers also have solar power – SunPower and Wallbox will help meet the growing demand for these products by integrating EV infrastructure into solar-powered homes.

“SunPower is committed to simplifying solar energy and storage; expanding that into electric vehicle adoption is a natural next step,” said Peter Faricy, CEO of SunPower. “As customer needs continue to evolve and expand, SunPower will develop and deliver the energy services needed to meet them.”

For SunPower customers interested in installing a Wallbox charger, SunPower assesses the user’s home and electrical system to verify it is compatible with home electric car charging. Wallbox’s Pulsar Plus chargers come with a standard J1772 EV plug, an app that enables scheduled charging and power sharing for two or more chargers with adjustable power output, making them suitable for all EV models.

As the preferred installer for Wallbox, SunPower expects to provide EV charging station installation services to Wallbox customers in regions where SunPower has installers and plans to expand installation capacity in North America. Non-solar EV charging customers will also have the option to add solar power or storage to their homes through SunPower.

SunPower and Wallbox are currently exploring opportunities to develop products and experiences to further integrate solar with EV. Current discussions include backup power solutions and the integration of Wallbox’s breakthrough bi-directional charging technology into SunPower systems.

“Making charging at home easier and cheaper has always been at the heart of Wallbox’s vision. Our alliance with SunPower will further enable us to achieve this goal and support the increasing adoption of electric vehicles,” said Enric Asunción, CEO and co-founder of Wallbox. “Combining EV charging with solar is the natural next step for our two industries and will make EVs even more sustainable, not only benefiting our consumers, but the planet as well.”

SunPower plans to begin installing EV chargers for new customers in Southern California this fall; the company expects to expand its offering to other regions and states in 2021.

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