The BuGG Market Report on Green Building 2020 is Now Available in English

The German Association for Greening BuildingsFederal Association of GebäudeGrün eV (BuGG)” published the first Green Building BuGG Market Report 2020 in English to present the most crucial figures available on roof, facade and interior greening in Germany. The aim is to provide politicians, industry, construction participants, the media and all other stakeholders with current figures on the market for greening buildings on an annual basis. The various data are mostly based on research and surveys by BuGG, without any claim to completeness. The focus of the figures from the greening of buildings market is still on green roofs, for which data collection methods are relatively simple and data can be easily collected from members and through city surveys.

The BuGG Market Report Building Greening 2020 with information and figures about the market for greening roofs, facades and interiors.  Source: BuGGGreen building is no longer a niche product. The market for green building is growing and is reflected in a large number of projects. Furthermore, green roofs and facades play an important role as climate adaptation measures, especially in terms of reducing heat stress and preventing flash floods.

Below are some key figures – many more are detailed in the market report:

  • In 2019, 7,217,720 m² of roof area was greened in Germany.
  • In Germany, the total vegetated roof surface has increased over the years to approximately 120,000,000 m².
  • In 2019, approximately 90,000 m² of facade surface was also greened.
  • Munich leads the BuGG Green Roof National League with 3,148,043 m² of green roof area.
  • Stuttgart leads the BuGG-Green Roof National League, based on the green roof index (square meters of green roof per inhabitant), with 4.1 m² of green roof per inhabitant.
  • The average green roof index is 1.2 m².

Applicable cities with more than 50,000 inhabitants:

  • 26 cities or 24% promote green roofs and facades and provide subsidies.
  • 72% indirectly support green roofs by lowering the rainwater levy if green roofs are present.

As an extra service, the market report includes an industry guide with more than 50 companies and associations as green building experts.

The Green Building BuGG Market Report 2020 comprises 29 pages and contains more than 45 images, photos and tables and is available for free download at

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