Trees fall, roofs blow off in high-wind showers

Local government officials are cleaning up after high winds left fallen trees across Trinidad and Tobago.

Rain clouds in some parts of the country cause wind speeds of more than 95 km per hour.

Tobago was hit first just before midnight.

The Tobago Emergency Management Agency (TEMA) reported that rooftops in Mt St. George, Goodwood, Moriah and Pembroke have been blown off. There was also debris on the Claude Noel Highway.

Those affected in Tobago should contact TEMA at 211 or 660-7489.

In Trinidad, fallen trees were seen in various parts of Arima, Valencia, Diego Martin, Sangre Grande, the North Coast Road and Chase Village.

Electricity fluctuations were also reported.

A bad weather warning still applies to both islands.

For anyone in need of assistance following last night’s events, it is suggested that you contact any of the following that are relevant to you:

Diego Martin Regional Company – 800-DMRC (3672)

San Juan/Laventille Regional Corporation – 800-SLRC (7572)

Arima Borough Corporation – 800-2ABC (2222)

Tunapuna/Piarco Regional Corporation – 800-TPRC (8772)

Port of Spain City Corporation – 800-PSCC (7722)

Sangre Grande Regional Corporation – 800-SGRC (7472)

Chaguanas Borough Corporation – 800-DCBC (3222)

Couva/Tabaquite/Talparo Regional Corporation – 800-CTTC (2882)

Mayaro/Rio Claro Regional Corporation – 800-4MRC (4672)

Princes Town Regional Company – 800-PTRC (7872)

Point Fortin Borough Corporation – 800-PFCB (7322)

San Fernando City Corporation – 800-SCDU (7238)

Criminal/Debt Regional Corporation – 800-PDRC (7372)

Regional Society of Siparia – 800-4SRC (4772)

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