Trinidad: 503 roofs damaged or destroyed by wind

(Trinidad Express) Wind gusts that swept across Trinidad and Tobago on Friday damaged a total of 503 roofs.

The figure was given yesterday in an Office of Disaster Preparedness and Management (ODPM) release, as it summarized the damage caused.

The release also stated that the Defense Force has been placed on standby in the event that any assistance is requested by the Regional Corporations Disaster Management Units (DMUs).

It was stated that the ODPM partially activated the National Emergency Operations Center (NEOC) on Saturday to maintain coordination and cooperation with the emergency services. It added that the ODPM continues to monitor and assess the current situation and has asked the Trinidad and Tobago Defense Force to stand by in case the companies’ DMUs call for assistance. “The ODPM also encourages citizens to be ready, have an evacuation plan and a Grab and Go Bag ready in the event of a hazard/disaster.”

It was in the early hours of Friday that wind speeds of 82 km/h swept their way across both islands, damaging roofs, knocking down trees and power lines and disrupting water supplies.

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