Video: Trial rider Keity Meier jumps between roofs of Swissotel building | Sports

On Sunday, Estonian trial rider Keity Meier jumped from roof to roof on top of the 30-storey Swissotel building in Tallinn. No other person has ever jumped at such a height with a motorcycle.

“I think it was the highest level of meditation. I was completely drained. I think my heart rate was 15. Fantastic!” Meier told ERR after her jump. “I didn’t think at all.”

She said her jump means dreams can be daring. “Even if that dream seems unattainable, as it was, these dreams come true. Dare to try, push yourself and live a full life,” Meier added.

The Swissotel building is 117 meters high and Meier jumped 11 meters from one roof to another.

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