What Makes a Good Roofing Website?

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In the modern business market, having a website is not an option, it is a requirement. With internet access becoming a normal part of everyday life, many potential customers use the internet as the first step in finding a business or service provider. Roof repairs are a big project and many homeowners will do a lot of research before even calling or emailing. Websites like https://putnameexteriors.com/ open immediately with a visual image that catches the eye and makes you want to read on.

As a roofing company, you need a high quality website to attract customers and do business. While it’s important to set yourself apart from the competition, there are some common features that every well-made website has in common.


Features of a well-made roofing company website

  • Use images: Displays of past work and your company’s work process allow potential clients to visualize what will happen if they hire you. This is important because relying solely on the text makes the whole process a lot more abstract. An image quickly tells the customer what you do and what your company can achieve.
  • List your services: roof repairs are not a common occurrence for many homeowners, so when they need work, many may be unclear about what they need and what to look for. Your website should serve to inform visitors and listing your services can help with that. By providing a list of services, you let a customer know how you can help them and also help them better understand what they need and give them a starting point.
  • Provide a link to request a quote: when it comes to many types of roof repairs, customers don’t want to wait. However, many have no frame of reference for the cost of roof repairs. This can easily lead to wrong assumptions and misinformation on the part of the customer, making them hesitant to get the service they need. Requesting a quote via a link can provide useful information and help speed up the process by allaying questions and concerns about repair costs.
  • View testimonials: people value feedback and good word of mouth are very valuable, especially in competitive industries such as roofing. So be sure to collect customer feedback about what they liked about your business and what they think of the work completed. Even a short positive review of two sentences can help communicate to potential customers the value you provide. In addition, customer reviews are considered fair and come from people in the local community, further indicating that you can provide the help a customer is looking for.
  • Provide contact details: Once a customer has had a chance to view your website, many will want to contact you for the next step in the process, such as getting more detailed information or asking some questions. Your company’s contact information should be prominently displayed on your website and easy to find. Also, be sure to include different communication methods such as phone numbers, email, and business hours as every customer is different and how they prefer to reach you may also differ.
  • Make sure your site is performing well: finally, you should never overlook the technical components of website design. A slow site that doesn’t work well on mobile phones or is difficult to navigate can drive customers away. Most customers, if they find a website difficult to use, will quickly close it and move on to something else. You want to make sure your site is modern, easy to understand, loads quickly and works with the latest technology.


Final Thoughts

Modern marketing encompasses many different areas and formats. Your website is just one tool in an overall strategy. It is, however, a very important one. A well-made website not only helps the customers but also boosts business and can also improve your search engine results, which are paramount in the modern internet driven world.

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