With Fall Coming, HeatCable.com Encourages Homeowners to Prepare Roofs, Gutters for Early Storms

HeatCable.com is an online resource for self-regulating heating products to protect roofs, gutters and downspouts in winter. With cold weather soon to hit many parts of the country, they are warning homeowners to guard against ice dams now rather than wait for emergencies to arise.

Important questions for homeowners to ask are: Is the roof solid? Are all shingles and flashings in good condition? Are the gutters free of leaves and debris? If a heating cable is installed, does the cable look intact with no tears, kinks or other damage? Is the system working properly?

If a homeowner has to answer “no” to any of the above questions, chances are their home isn’t ready for winter yet. Unfortunately, in many parts of the country, it’s not uncommon for an unexpected storm to drop heavy ice or snow as early as mid- to late September. Since Mother Nature often has her own timetable, ice dam prevention product experts at HeatCable.com suggest residents choose sooner rather than later to prepare their homes for the coming cold season.

“Being ahead of the curve means you don’t have to try and install a system in frigid working conditions,” explains Eric Wimmer, president of HeatCable.com. And waiting until spring is also not a good option. “A house buried in snow all winter can create dangerous ice dams, leading to interior leaks, ruined soffits and fascia, and loose or completely ripped gutters and downspouts.”

Wimmer founded HeatCable.com to educate do-it-yourselfers and professional heating cable installers on all things heat cable, from planning and placement to wiring and troubleshooting. The Utah-based company has since positioned itself as a global leader in heating cable instructions, also providing customers with premium roof and gutter heating products.

Whether the budget is small or large, homeowners can choose from a significant number of products when it comes to heating cables. Wimmer recommends going with a factory spliced ​​self regulating kit, meaning the cable is cut to length (in 10 ft increments) and pre-connected to the type of electrical connections offered by HeatCable.com and the system specifications of the homeowner. While HeatCable.com prides itself on the ability to customize any heat cable kit, the company only sells Drexan Multi-Trace Self-Regulating Heat Cable. “Drexan outperforms any product out there, especially those in major hardware stores, and it also comes with the industry’s best warranty,” said Wimmer.

While it’s not impossible to work in winter conditions, preparing for early winter storms can save precious time and energy (and possibly even a broken back). Visit HeatCable.com or call (801) 896-8960 for more information on how to get started with heat-trace products and other ideas for winter preparation.

About HeatCable

HeatCable.com is the address for your gutter snowmelt installations. They offer a wide range of high quality ice dam prevention products such as tracer heater controls, heating cable thermostats, Drexan heat cables and much more.

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