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Ben Casey is no stranger to the rebuilding often required after a major storm. He has been doing repair work in Guam after super typhoons. with his company, American Roofing Systems, he has overseen roof replacement projects in North Carolina, Mexico Beach, Louisiana, Florida, St. Thomas and the Gulf Coast after major hurricanes. These projects include buildings ranging from 90,000 to 590,000 square feet.

A resident of Mandeville since 2007, Casey has a special affinity for helping Louisiana entrepreneurs get back on track. Since Hurricane Ida, Casey has traveled extensively throughout the New Orleans area meeting owners about their needs.

“There are many commercial buildings in Elmwood and Harahan, Kenner and LaPlace that have suffered serious damage,” Casey said. “There are certainly several problems that we can see with the naked eye. In a hurricane, you have the obvious damage when a tree falls on a property or the roof is blown off. But we also see many roof problems with peeling, stripping and delamination. Most damage can only be seen if you do a thorough inspection.”

Casey said that when a potential customer contacts… American Roofing Systems, his team first conducts a full assessment, including the use of powerful drones with IR capabilities, to determine the extent of damage and work required. These inspections often reveal damage that is not immediately visible. They include a close examination of all roof joints, curbs and roof penetrations, an assessment of all HVAC units, entrance doors and energy analysis of the roof. The owner will receive a full written report on the condition of the roof after the inspection.

“Our approach is very simple,” Casey said. “We want to help entrepreneurs with the process. It is not a matter of making an estimate and getting it paid. It’s about being honest about the damage and helping the owners with their insurance agents and experts. We know this process is very stressful, so we believe in helping the owners to the best of our ability.”

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Brian Schupbach, Executive Vice President of American Roofing Systems, said one of the most important parts of a project is determining the right scope of work. He noted that it can be tempting for owners to opt for quick and easy repairs, but this can often mask hidden damage that can be more expensive in the long run.

“The beauty of a claims process is that it’s your chance to get the job done correctly,” Schupbach said. “That starts with having the right scope of work and having real knowledge of what was affected by the hurricane. If we know that, we can help owners determine a fair and accurate price.”

As a full service professional roofing company licensed in most states, American Roofing Systems has experience and expertise in all styles and materials, including single-ply flat roofing (TPO, PVC, EPDM), metal roofing systems, standing seam, modified bitumen, built-up roofing systems, steep slopes, shingles, clay and concrete tiles, liquid-applied coatings, elastomer and silicone.


Because of its relationships with the world’s largest suppliers of roofing materials, American Roofing Systems can often get to the items needed for a project faster than others. Still, Casey warned that it could take several weeks to months to secure everything needed for a large-scale project with pandemic issues in the supply chain.

“We have our own stock of shingles and commercial roofing materials that we prepare specifically for these types of situations,” he said. “Yet it is not infinite. There is a limited stock on the market. You don’t have much color choice at the moment. The suppliers do their best with what the manufacturers deliver.”

Casey added that business owners should be wary of signing a contract with a roofing company that says it can secure all materials in a quick time frame. Schupbach noted that while American Roofing Systems has ongoing talks with suppliers and has a foot in the door due to its significant purchasing power, the impact of the pandemic on the supply chain is ongoing.

“I don’t see prices falling any time soon,” he said. “The expected delivery times of materials are still quite long. We are fortunate to have strong relationships with the major suppliers, but the pandemic has created many issues in the supply chain that we are working on every day.”


While COVID-19 has also led to labor shortages in many sectors, American Roofing Systems has a stable workforce. About half of the employees are internal crew members, the other half are subcontractors. But Casey noted that their subcontractors are qualified and insured, and to ensure crews can operate as safely and efficiently as possible, the company has previously leased land near major job sites, set up temporary housing for its employees, and provided cooks on site. hired locally to provide meals.

As the recovery from Hurricane Ida continues, Casey said he hopes all business owners will research contractors and pay close attention when signing documents.

“We are proud to work closely with our estimators to produce accurate estimates. We don’t pressure owners to sign anything right away,” Casey said. “We want people to do their due diligence when selecting a contractor because they will be in a better place in the end.”

For more information about US Roofing Systems or to make an appointment, call 504-300-8000 or visit www.usroof.com.

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